Bioinformatics Institute (BII)

Features and Innovations

How Zika upped the ante

10 August 17

Singaporean researchers are tracing the Asian origins of Zika’s global spread

Big data detectives

02 November 16

A*STAR researchers are bringing big data genome analytics to Singapore

The Zika alliance

15 June 16

Researchers at A*STAR have joined forces to fight the Zika virus

Research Highlights

Medical imaging: The next segment

08 September 17

A data-driven computational approach that recognizes filamentary sections of neurons and blood vessels may enhance medical diagnosis

Immunology: Masters of monocytes

04 November 15

Revealing the differences between subsets of immune cells in the blood could yield new therapies for infectious and autoimmune disease

Robotics: Reading the signs

04 November 15

Technology for fast and efficient detection of hand poses could lead to enhanced human-computer interactions

Sensors: Sounding out flu viruses

27 May 15

A biosensor capable of sensitively detecting influenza viruses has potential for improving clinical diagnosis of Influenza A

Cancer biology: Cooperative partners

09 November 11

Structural analysis indicates how two different antibodies to a cancer-causing protein could work together to block its function

Biochemistry: Out of the loop

29 September 10

Molecular dynamics simulations show why scientists have failed to generate an active form of the protein kinase PAK1