Features and Innovations

Diagnostic tools in the fast lane

22 December 17

Diagnostic tests are the key to the early detection and treatment of diseases — and Singapore’s Diagnostics Development (DxD) Hub is accelerating the rate at which devices make it from the lab to market.

Turning up the heat on hydrogels

04 February 15

Researchers at A*STAR have developed temperature-sensitive gels that can be used for a wide range of biomedical and cosmetic applications

Biopolis: Ten years on

20 November 13

A decade after the opening of Biopolis, Singapore’s premier biomedical sciences research hub, A*STAR’s multifaceted activities are spurring discovery and innovation with a global reach

Fighting cancer cells by stealth

12 September 12

Through a combination of two powerful methodologies, researchers at the A*STAR Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology drive forward promising developments for gene therapy

Molecular probes light the way

24 September 14

Fluorescent molecular rotors developed by the A*STAR Molecular Engineering Laboratory promise to revolutionize the search for new anticancer drugs

Research Highlights

Biosensors: A light diagnosis

09 March 16

On-the-spot diagnosis of certain cancers and other diseases is closer to becoming a reality thanks to a sensitive biosensor

Cancer biology: Tumor-causing crosstalk

03 December 14

Signals that pass between genetically abnormal epithelial cells and their genetically normal support cells drive tumor formation in a fruit fly cancer model

Cancer biology: Keeping bad company

16 January 13

Certain mutations cause a cancer-preventing protein to interfere with cellular pathways and actively drive cancer progression 

Oncology: Understanding the culprit

20 June 12

Study using a systems biology approach reveals how the transcription factor EVI1 contributes to cancer development and tumor invasion

Genomics: Malignant rearrangements

07 December 11

DNA sequencing reveals how breast cancer cells rearrange their genome to create fusion genes for driving tumor development

Cancer biology: Cooperative partners

09 November 11

Structural analysis indicates how two different antibodies to a cancer-causing protein could work together to block its function

Nanomedicine: Loading up a cure

11 May 11

A new type of polymer forms highly stable micelles with exceptional loading capacity for the targeted delivery of anticancer drugs

Biosensors: Hormonal attractions

16 March 11

Ultrasmall silicon wires could detect subtle changes in estrogen receptor-binding DNA sequences that are implicated in breast cancer

Oncology: A very early warning

24 November 10

The human papillomavirus protein E2 may serve as a diagnostic marker for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, the precursor stages of cervical cancer

Oncology: A double whammy

27 October 10

HPV18 puts women at a higher risk of developing cervical cancer because the virus converts a repressor of the cell cycle into an activator