Features and Innovations

How safe is your data?

31 May 17

A diverse group of researchers is leading efforts to ensure that digital information remains secure, however and wherever it is used

Big data detectives

02 November 16

A*STAR researchers are bringing big data genome analytics to Singapore

Smart data, smart city

27 July 16

A*STAR researchers are designing a data-exchange platform that can act as a city’s dashboard

Making memory last

22 October 14

Researchers at the A*STAR Data Storage Institute are developing non-volatile memory systems that could prevent off-power memory loss

Slimmer data storage solutions

05 December 12

The A*STAR Data Storage Institute unveils the ‘A-Drive’ — an ultra-slim hybrid hard disk drive that presents a more efficient and affordable solution to data storage

Research Highlights

Data storage: Laser heating hits the spot

22 February 17

Laser-based measurements reveal just how small each magnetic ‘bit’ could be using the next generation hard disk technology known as heat-assisted magnetic recording

Data storage: Staying on track

29 June 16

A combination of advanced signal processing and magnetic layer stacking promises to increase hard drive capacity and reliability

Optoelectronics: A transistor for light

23 April 14

A high-performance ‘photonic transistor’ that switches light signals instead of electronic signals could revolutionize optical signal processing

Data storage: Hybrid solutions

19 December 12

As demand escalates for ever-faster and more efficient and reliable data storage, researchers turn to next-generation non-volatile memory technology

Data storage: Electrically enhanced recall

05 December 12

Operating tiny magnetic memories under electrical fields reduces power demand and could enable storage and retrieval of data at much higher speeds than conventional devices

Data storage: Going with the grain

24 October 12

Reducing information stored in magnetic thin films to the physical size of single grains could improve computer hard drives

Data storage: Adopting changes

18 July 12

New insights into the stable magnetism of phase-change semiconductors could enable the development of ultra-high-speed data storage

Hard drives: A bit of progress

09 May 12

A modified approach to fabrication of magnetic memory elements may lead to a new generation of stable, ultra-high-capacity hard drives

Data storage: Bit by bit

01 February 12

A fabrication method that does not require etching and pattern transfer pushes recording densities in bit-patterned media to 3.3 terabits per square inch

Data storage: A helping hand

21 July 10

Electric fields can help magnetic hard drive heads write data, which may lead to higher storage densities

Data storage: A good match

17 March 10

A tailored material combination may boost the sensitivity of future disk-drive read heads