Features and Innovations

Sighting the genetic variants of eye diseases

27 February 13

In a world’s first, Singaporean scientists have discovered the genes responsible for cornea blindness, providing valuable information for treatment and prevention of degenerative eye diseases

Research Highlights

Genetics: New light on leprosy

27 May 15

A genome-wide association study identifies six new susceptibility loci tied to the age-old disease of leprosy

Oncology: Understanding the culprit

20 June 12

Study using a systems biology approach reveals how the transcription factor EVI1 contributes to cancer development and tumor invasion

Oncology: A double whammy

27 October 10

HPV18 puts women at a higher risk of developing cervical cancer because the virus converts a repressor of the cell cycle into an activator

Development: Getting with the program

09 June 10

Single-cell gene expression profiling reveals specific genetic programs underlying cell differentiation in pre-implantation mouse embryos