Features and Innovations

Research Highlights

Plasmonics: A polarizing view

24 June 15

A nanostructure design enables pixels to produce two different colors depending on the polarization of the incident light

Nanoplasmonics: Making a tiny rainbow

21 January 15

By varying the size and spacing of aluminum nanodisks, researchers generate images that contain over 300 colors and are not much wider than a human hair

Plasmonics: Growth lamps for nanoparticles

10 October 12

Illuminating silver nanoparticles with narrow-bandwidth light makes them grow uniformly, improving their potential for imaging and sensing applications

Photonics: Golden atoms

28 September 11

Similarities between the electronic states of molecules and the optical properties of gold nanostructures aid the development of new photonic devices

Plasmonics: A closer look

20 July 11

The combination of transmission electron microscopy and electron energy-loss spectroscopy allows for the study of surface plasmon resonance in nanostructures

Plasmonics: Smooth operator

24 November 10

Ultrasmooth silver surfaces promise invisibility cloaks, ultrahigh-resolution lenses and other enhanced photonic devices

Plasmonics: Timely forecasting

09 June 10

Predicting the precise shape of metal nanostructures evaporated on an array of spheres is now possible using a mathematical algorithm