Fok-Moon Lum

Research Scientist

A*STAR Infectious Diseases Labs (ID Labs)

Fok-Moon Lum graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Degree in Biomedical Sciences. Following this, he embarked on a PhD journey under the tutelage of Lisa Ng, then at A*STAR’s Singapore Immunology Network, where he was involved in elucidating the host immune response to the chikungunya virus. After his PhD studies, he stayed on as a postdoctoral fellow and worked on the Zika virus, during the outbreak in 2016-2017 before spending two years of overseas post-doctoral training at Stanford University under the A*STAR International Fellowship. He is now an Investigator at the A*STAR Infectious Diseases Labs, where he is attempting to investigate the involvement of neurotransmitters in infectious diseases.

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