Melanie Weingarten

Head of Biotransformation Department

Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation (SIFBI)

Melanie Weingarten is Head of the Biotransformation Department at A*STAR’s Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation (SIFBI) and Adjunct Associate Professor at Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore, where she teaches and engages in Food Chemistry and Nutrition as well as Synthetic Biology. Previously, she was a Senior Researcher at BASF SE, contributing to projects across several chemical sectors and played a key role in developing BASF’s novel insecticide, Inscalis™. With a strong foundation in chemistry and physics, Weingarten’s academic journey took her from RWTH Aachen University, Germany to University of California, Berkeley, US which culminated in a doctorate under Prof Alois Fürstner at the Max Planck Institute for Coal Research in Germany, followed by post-doctoral research with Prof Barbara Imperiali at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US.

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